Free On Demand Presentation For Minor Hockey Organizers & Coaches

How Every Coach Can Develop Better Goalies, Unify Teams, & Win More

This is a very special webinar that is guaranteed to provide your organization with insanely positive results and build the confidence of not only your goaltenders, but the coaches as well.

This webinar was created specifically for minor hockey organizers (Board Members, Player Development personnel, etc. ).

We will provide insight as to why every minor hockey organization should be providing all team coaches with the Essential Core Goaltending Skills Certification Program, Powered by Puckstoppers.

This is not only our opinion, but that of many professional players and those within the game who understand the importance of proper goaltending development.

Organizations already utilizing this program have seen a dramatic improvement in their overall goaltending development, in addition to happier parents and more confident coaches who are able to not only more efficiently and properly work with their goaltenders, but improve the overall moral and work ethic of their entire team.

This is accomplished as coaches gain a far better understanding of how to develop their goalies through better and more complete practice planning. Players must them also work harder to improve their own play. This in turn creates a more cohesive team with better defined goals and direction.

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